Frequently asked questions

What are the key benefits of Results Coaching?

Every person is unique and requires coaching strategies that are developed according to their personal needs. I draw from an expansive background of business achievement along with years of training and personal coaching experience to develop the program that is right for you. You can expect to: - Gain in-depth self knowledge - Get clarity in your purpose - Define your vision - Set your personal and professional goals - Identify and overcome negative patterns and beliefs that hold you back - Develop steps necessary to meet your goals - Develop strategies to cope with change in your life - Ignite passion in your relationships

How long will it take to get results?

The length of time a person works with me is dependent on their needs and reasons for coming to coaching. To get the most benefit from coaching, I recommend starting with a 6 session commitment. At the end of that time, we'll look at your progress and discuss options. Some clients have been surprised at how quickly challenges can be resolved while others partner longer to reach long term goals. The most important thing is for you to get the benefits of coaching for your unique situation.

Is Results Coaching confidential?

What we discuss will always be held in strict confidence and never shared with others. I never give or sell any client information for any reason.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching it is not specifically designed to address psychological issues. Although it may be therapudic,the primary focus of coaching is to help you gain in-depth self knowledge and use that knowledge to change limiting beliefs, overcome bad habits and manage your emotions. You will identify goals and achieve them while developing new constructive strategies to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

What can I expect from the free 30 min. phone call?

During our discussion we'll talk about your goals, challenges, and your expectations for coaching. We'll decide whether we are a good fit for moving forward. If I don't feel like I can help, I will immediately let you know. If you decide to continue, I'll give you information regarding session rates and coaching packages. You are never under any obligation to continue past this 30 min. session and I will never try to sell you anything! I believe you must have the desire and commitment to coaching in order to be successful.

What if I have to cancel a session?

No problem, you can access my on-line calendar or send me an email to reschedule. I do ask that you cancel as soon as you know of the scheduling conflict.

One Free phone call can change your life forever!