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Joh Warren

I laughingly say "I'm old and I know a few things".  That's true!  I've climbed the corporate ladder at some of the largest companies and was one of the pioneers who "Broke Through the Glass Ceiling".  But here's what I learned.  You can work hard, be successful and still not feel happy and fulfilled.  You're not enjoying your life!  Yes, I was a top sales exec with AT&T, the first female Product Manager with BellSouth and held other top positions with fortune 100 companies; but then I stopped, looked around and said "Is this all there is?"  I knew there had to be something More.

I started my first business and developed training programs for GE, Glaxo, AT&T and other large companies. That was challenging for a time, but - I wanted something More.  That's when I started my work with Tony Robbins; 25 yrs ago before he became known worldwide.    If you don't know who Tony is; just look him up, you'll be impressed.  I learned how to set goals and attain them, how to manage my physical and emotional state.  I learned how to make the most out of my situation, no matter what it is.  I learned who I was and how to get the RESULTS I really wanted.  


I found my true passion when I began to teach others what I had learned during my varied work and life experiences.  Nothing excites me more than helping someone to reach their goals; to live a more fulfilled life.  I have a private coaching practice as well as a partnership with Carolina Healthspan Institute to offer Results Coaching as part of their Optimal Wellness Program.  It's become universally accepted that the core of wellness is having a balanced, fulfilled life.  If you feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed and getting nowhere, I can help you. Trust me, there is More to life and you can get it! 

Here's the question for you.

What do you want MORE of?

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