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Growing up in rural Alabama, I was told that I couldn't possibly work for a large company like AT&T because I had no contacts within the organization.  I listened, but I didn't accept this.  I wanted More.  When I was promoted within AT&T to Account Executive, Industry Consultant, I was happy; but I wanted More.  I became the first female product manager for BellSouth; but.........I wanted More.  I found new challenges by becoming the Director of Training for BTI Telecom.  It was there that I realized my true passion; helping others learn how to succeed.  But, as you've probably guessed, I wanted More.  So, I started my own company, Developing Potential, where I developed training programs for Customer Service, Advanced Sales and Management Strategies.  My clients included corporations such as AT&T, Glaxo Pharmaceutical and GE.  During those years, I married my wonderful husband, traveled the world and lived experiences that I could never have imagined as the daughter of a cotton farmer in Alabama.

My passion for helping others succeed grew stronger as I began to focus on individual coaching.  This was my inspiration for creating Joh Warren Results Coaching. The foundation for my approach to coaching is a wealth of life and work experience along with extensive sales and management training.  I completed my coaching training by becoming a Certified Tony Robbins Coach studying under Tony Robbins, the world's most effective business and life coach and Cloe Madanes, internationally renowned psychologist.   I choose to study these Strategic Intervention Strategies Because they Work!  Along with individual coaching, I have partnered with Carolina Healthspan Institute, the premier Optimal Health Medical  Practice in the Southeast where my Personal Results Coaching is offered as part of their Optimal Wellness package.    I love being able to make a profound difference in someone's live. 



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