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"As I have approached my retirement years, I felt that I needed a professional opinion and counseling for personalized guidelines that would give me a perspective that I didn't have.  Joh Warren has walked me through a very sensible and thought-provoking process that has provided me and my family with a blueprint that has enabled me to continue to be involved in my business at a level which is both necessary and enjoyable.  She continues to give me great counsel which is both on target and personalized.  For all of this, I and my wife are most grateful and our lives are greatly enhanced."

Ronald L. Brown, MD


Seth Conger

"Joh has been my coach for 3 years now, helping me understand my core strengths, needs and desires and how to most effectively grow a business while keeping my personal and professional goals at the forefront.  She has been integral in our office's goal to become an iconic Functional Medicine and Brain Enhancement practice and we would not be where we are today if it were not for her strategic & timely intervention."

"Coaching with Joh Warren has made all the difference in helping me improve my life both professionally and personally.  She has helped me find clarity in my purpose.  I now have the passion and the confidence to set my goals and make the decisions necessary to shape my destiny.  We worked down to the level of details to develop my plan of action to transform my life.  I highly recommend Results Life Coaching with Joh Warren."

Kathleen Russo, MD

Margaret Conger,CNA

"Joh helped me transition into a new managerial role.  I had little experience and needed a lot of assistance.  She helped me define my goals and purpose as a Manager which helped motivate me and kept me on a steady path. I grew to understand that not knowing "why" I was doing something prevented me from my full potential.  She held me accountable for achieving specific milestones and provided  appropriate tools to help me obtain my purpose and goals.  As my role developed and matured, I did as well.  I had more strategic day-to- day operational skills and more confidence making decisions.  Sure enough, this spilled over into my personal life and I flourished there as well.  I can't say enough positives about my experience with Joh.  If you are looking for growth, capabilities of looking through a new lens and potential for optimal performance, she is your ticket!"

"Working with Joh the past several months as my Results Life Coach is perhaps one of the best decisions I have ever made both professionally and personally.  She has been able to guide me and teach me how my personality and thought process affects me both positively and negatively.  Understanding my authentic and adaptive self has helped me to realize the potential that others have always seen in me while also showing me areas that I need to improve on.  Knowing what my true drivers are make it easier to set logical/realistic goals and stick with them.  In the end I have been able to become a better wife, mother, daughter and employee.  Without Joh, I do not feel that I would be as successful as I am today.  With all my heart I say, Thank you Joh!"

Natalie Schwamb

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