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         Life Coaching

Life is made up of Transitions from childhood into maturity.  You experience the birth of new life and grieve for lost loved ones.  You may change careers, relationships, become newly single or enter a partnership.  Every life transition takes preparation and planning to ensure success; otherwise, down the road you may wake up and wonder,"How did I get here?  No matter what Life Stage you're in right now, planning for the future is critical.  You're never too old to embark on new experiences and dream new dreams.  Today our life expectancy is longer than ever.  Think about this; if you retire at 65 yrs. of age, you could live another 20 productive years.  What are you going to do?  How many novels can you read? How many new hobbies can you try out? How do you plan to ensure robust health and vitality? I've changed careers 5 times and launched two successful companies.  I wouldn't have been able to do that without the help of wonderful mentors and coaches along the way.  That's why I  am passionate about continuing to learn and grow. At the age of 87, Michaelangelo said "I'm still learning."  This is why I enjoy being a Personal Results Coach so much.  It's never too late  to launch a new career, learn a new skill, broaden your horizons or simply drink deeply from the fountain of life...... I'd love to help you.  

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